22 May, 2014 - Fabrice Queguineur

Hedge Fund Launch: QCP Alpha Source

The emergence of social trading websites has opened up unique new sources of unexploited market intelligence, and a fund started by industry veterans is positioned to profit.

“Like most investment managers, we are always on the lookout for original new sources of investment wisdom and great trade ideas” said Fabrice Queguineur, CEO of QCP Partners Limited.

“After the GFC in 2008 we recognized two key things. The first is the dichotomy between high-net-worth individuals’ risk expectations and Private Bankers’ vision of assets’ diversification. Non-directional investment funds or alternative assets still represent a marginal weight in bank’s allocations; hence the emergence of Family Offices to increase the transparency and control over investments. The second thing we recognized was that the internet is at a stage where an entirely new universe of collective trading wisdom is now available, not just at the advice level, but at the trading level, instantaneously. For the first time we could select individual trades that represented the collective judgment of millions of market participants, not just a select few.”

The QCP Alpha Sources strategy, launched in June 2011, uses 10 or more independent, uncorrelated “Trading Signal Sources” or “TSS” across investment styles, markets, timeframes, and strategies. The fund is the culmination of QCP’s 3-year research program to discover, analyze, test, construct, and manage a portfolio with tightly-controlled risk/reward characteristics. The underlying trading signals each have between 1-10 years live, realtime trading track records.

“We think our approach is unique for several reasons,” continued Queguineur. “Our researchers have examined trading signals from every corner of the web, from London to India, everything from mathematicians to trading software developers to brilliant aerospace engineers who trade part-time and of course, investment professionals. We evaluate them without bias: if we judge a signal is credible, repeatable, profitable, robust, and technically strong, we will look at it. The fact we can then take individual trades into a single account structure in realtime means we can blend, adjust, and monitor the overall risk characteristics of the fund however we wish. Our design goal has been a stable high-return profile regardless of the overall market direction.”

“Each day we ask ourselves the same question: are we comfortable committing money long-term to markets hitting all-time highs with deteriorating fundamentals and unprecedented debt levels, or would we rather take smaller, shorter, opportunistic bets that don’t depend on the moods of politicians or central bankers. Most days that question answers itself as far as we’re concerned.”

QCP Alpha Source Fund opened a class A share to external investors in September 2013. Since inception in June 2011, the strategy returned nearly +80%. QCP Partners is currently looking for a Strategic Partner to broadly promote its current fund and managed accounts.

QCP Partners Limited is a boutique investment company founded by veteran managers from CitiGroup, Microsoft, JP Morgan, and UBS Investment Bank. They can be reached at www.qcppartners.com.

Fabrice QUEGUINEUR CEO –QCP Partners Limited
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